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 Reviews from all around the world about "Autumn Leaves, Me Again - Christian Felix" ( From Tunecore.com, web leader label for independent artists)

  • Rating: 10 slow and romantic music. it can make you relax and enjoy your day . I don’t mind to listen to it with everyone around me. I know for sure it wont let me down. I will give it ten out of ten. the lyrics makes you feel happy and relaxed.    
  • Rating: 10 The insturments of the song sounded very good, i also think that the vocals sounded wonderful. i thought the production of it was great, i like the vibe that it gives off. the lyrics sounded good, it also had a great rythem to it asnwell, overall i thought this was a great song.
  • Rating: 10 I honestly think this tone is very smoothing. It is very relaxing and has angood taste to it. I love the beat how it starts up. Very smooth and very pleasent. I love how the rock come on then and it really helps the song. The mans voice is awesome! 10/10 
  • Rating: 10 the song sounded great, i could also hear the instrumets very well. inthought the vocals sounded great and went well with the song, the production of the song was pretty good as well. overall i really liked this song because it gives such a good vibe.   
  • Rating: 9 Light and pretty piano playing. The symbols and drum beat give the song more energy. When the electric guitar kicks in the song takes on a different vibe. The vocals are quirky but fast paced and cool. The deepness of the singers voice gives the song a different dynamic more intriguing. 
  • Rating: 9 the intro of this song was emotional with melodious tune, the melody of the song was tuneful and interesting, the vocal of the song was distinctive, rich and strong, the lyrics was original and thoughful with good wordens, the instrumental was varied and wit good rythm. the artist is a talented and creative. the song is very commerciable.   
  • Rating: 9 the piano roll at the beginning was awesome. the other instruments apperaing after piano roll was just incredible. the drum was awesome too. the instrumental is awesome. the vocal is really awesome. the song over all is awesome. it sounds like the song from 80s or 90s  
  • Rating: 8 Nice Dynamics, i like the way the song flows, and vocals are really good, i think the instruments also complement the vocals which allow sets the atmosphere of a chill vibe, I think production of the music is very well done, my favourite part is the drums it helped to set the ambience of the song  
  • Rating: 8 the beginning of the song is very soft and delicant. the beat adds on to the softness. the song stays soft the whole time. the vocals are very quiet but good. half way through the song the vocals stary getting really good. the production is good.nn  
  • Rating: 8 I like how the intro starts off very quiet. The instruments are in sync and are making a very beautiful melody as they hear each other. The tempo of the song is mild fast. The guitar joins the song while there are no lyrics heard. The the faint vocals are starting to be heard.  
  • Rating: 8 I really like the beat of how the song started out. His vocals definitely fit with the song theme, it gives off this hauntingly vibe. The production is really professional done sounding, might sound echo like for a few seconds but I enjoyed it very much!  
  • Rating: 8 The song sounds great, the production quality is really good. the actual beat of the song is also really nice, the song sounds very relaxing and peaceful. The different layers of different instruments that are added are what really makes the song what it is. 
  • Rating: 8 the intro to this song has a really nice beat in it. it has a really nice build up to it and kicks into the vicals really well. the lyrics sound really well written and they make a lot if sense. the vocalist sings them really well.   
  • Rating: 7 At the beginning, the song had a smooth criminal kinda feel! After 1:47, I got hyped up! This song deserves a high spot on the Billboards! Then aftern2:30, I had to take my headphones off! The Song busted my eardrums with awesomeness! Thank you for your time!  
  • Rating: 7 I Just Love the introduction of this song, the strong bass line, and the clean guitar, it makes you feel alive, that is until the vocal begins. I can’t say that i enjoy a song with the vocalist straining his/her voice it’s music that i can listen to often, on a whole it’s not a bad song  
  • Rating: 7 a very nice and chill beginning to this music. a great follow up with the lyrics which have a cool and fascinating beat to it. the background electric guitar and drums solo is planned amazingly. i recommend this song to be played at shops or restaurants because it is romantic.


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